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Rollertrap 30cm x 100m

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The yellow signal tape rolls have a great appeal to predominantly white flies, but also aphids, leaf miners, trips and fungus gnats. 
The signal rolls are made of high-density polyethylene and have a very long life span. The signal rolls are on both sides provided with a strong adhesive layer. The quality of the wet glue is such that after spraying and/or sprinkling it will still stick. The objective is, at any time as far as possible the capture of insects. Research has shown that signal rolls are able to hang the entire cultivation season. The role is qualitatively so high that the functionality remains optimal.  
Product characteristics

  • Rolls made of high density polyethylene
  • Rolls are able to hang the entire season, without loss of functionality 
  • Rolls can be customized (for minimum order quantity)
  • The rolls are resistant to UV light and water.

User instructions
For a proper way of deploying and confirm (both yellow and blue signal rolls) can be chosen for the use of Trap holders. The Trap holders contribute to a proper suspension, a good positioning with respect for the crop and suitable for re-use.

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